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Software Security, Protection, and Reverse Engineering Workshop
Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City, Los Angeles, CA
December 5-6, 2016
Collocated with ACSAC 2016

Accepted Papers

Metadata Recovery From Obfuscated Programs Using Machine Learning (Best Paper Award)
Aleieldin Salem and Sebastian Banescu

Finding the Needle in the Heap: Combining Static Analysis and Dynamic Symbolic Execution to Trigger Use-After-Free
Josselin Feist, Mounier Laurent, Sebastien Bardin, Robin David, and Marie-Laure Potet

Detecting Rootkits With the RAI Runtime Application Inventory
Shabnam Aboughadareh and Christoph Csallner

White-Box Cryptography: Practical Protection on Hostile Hosts
Yuan Gu, Harold Johnson, Clifford Liem, Andrew Wajs, and Michael Wiener

Active Android Malware Analysis: An approach based on Stochastic Games
Riccardo Sartea, Mila Dalla Preda, Alessandro Farinelli, Roberto Giacobazzi, and Isabella Mastroeni

Buffer Overflow Attackā€™s Power Consumption Signatures
Samuel Moore, Mark Yampolskiy, Jacob Gatlin, Jeffrey McDonald, and Todd Andel

Tightly-Coupled Self-Debugging Software Protection
Bert Abrath, Joris Wijnant, Bart Coppens, Bjorn De Sutter, and Stijn Volckaert

Comparing the Effectiveness of Commercial Obfuscators against MATE Attacks
Ramya Manikyam, Todd McDonald, William Mahoney, Todd Andel, and Samuel Russ